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Natural Great Peace is a miniCD. A beautiful, surprisingly profound experience of quietness, peace, holiness. It is a brief teaching, lasting 4.42 min., inspired by a poem by Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, and now spoken by Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the book "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying", and set to music. A beautiful experience which you will have an almost irresistable urge to share with many of your friends.

A lovely gift (perhaps for Christmas?). Small and elegant, it can be played on all regular CD players. Price 60.- Danish kroner.

Free shipping within EU and Scandinavia for 5 or more, and additionally 10% off for 10 or more .



Hariprasad Chaurasia & Amareesh with 'NOW': After a number of years missing this great title, we now have it in stock again. The packaging is skimpy, but the sound is still the best. A mix of some of the best classical Indian flute with new age keyboards. Unusually effective for relaxation and meditation, with, for example, a background of ocean wave sounds on the 15 minute number 'The night and the ocean' 139.-
Ash Dargan: 'Earth Rhythms'. He is an Australian Aborigine who plays didgeridoo and percussion. He has a rich and precise sound, and makes powerful rhythms. The music can be monotonously hypnotic, but with his constant small twists and changes, growls and ripples and rumbles, it's always alive and pushing energetically at the listener. 159.-
Ivo Papasov: 'Fairground'. This is a long-awaited CD-reunion with the Bulgarian-Turkish-Roma/Gypsy, Ivo Papasov. He is an absolutely virtuoso musician, a clarinetist who plays "wedding music", and he won the BBC-radio's World Music Audience Award in 2005. A few glimpses from the huge number of mails from the BBC's Bulgarian audience shows us something of the amount of energy he lets loose when he plays: "just back at work after listening to him and I wish I'd never taken this job" - "dazzling, hypnotising, a huge thunder of jazz" - "he is from another planet, I saw him live in 1986, where people followed him from town to town, he upset us and confused us" - "he's the best, I'm 16 years old and I love his music more than my family". 169.-
NOTE: Koku Nishimura's Kyotaku - see the review - is AVAILABLE AGAIN through private import. Koku Nishimura plays his personally crafted Japanese bamboo flute with an intensity, clarity, and thoughtful depth of feeling that can draw the listener to link to a seldom purity of awareness. Now only 149.- Once more - unfortunately - unavailable at this time
David Hykes: 'Harmonic Meditations' 42 minutes of this CD consists of recordings made inside a huge water cistern, located in the state of Washington, which has a 44 second long echo. The recording from The Winter Garden across from Ground Zero is just as intense, although these 20 minutes are very differently structured. And then there are the two short, closing numbers, made for a documentary film "Travellers and Magicians", where the rhythms of the drum help the listener come easily back to earth again... Read the full review (unfortunately still only in Danish) at OVERTONESANG . 159.-

Mynta: 'Hot Days' is a dual disc, with which you can treat yourself to both a 60 minute CD-compilation of many of their best numbers, and for the same price, to a 30 minute DVD with the sweating, rocking rhythms of Stockholm's nightlife with 'Live at Fasching'. Swedish-Indian Mynta is an international, top level, world music group which plays a great fusion of mostly jazz, folk and Indian melodies and rhythms. The tabla player Fazal Qureshi brother to Zakir Hussain is an absolute plus for the group, with a masterful control of the complex rhythms they play, not to speak of all the energy and good humour with which he charges their music. They call it 'A fusion of Nordic Ice and Indian Spice'. Price for the dual disc is only Other titles with Mynta are 'Teabreak' - 'Live' - 'Nandu's Dance' - all at 159.-

Mari Boine uses her voice like soaring a bird (Eagle Brother is the title of a previous CD). She is a Sami (a Lap from Lapland), a singer from the top of the world, in Norway, and she flies high, and free, exploring all possibilities - testing the limits of the voice. She is definitely one of our favourites, as her group of modern master musicians magnificently plays up to her shamanic poetry and yoiking song, and to each other on Eallin, taken from a perfectly recorded live concert in Berlin. This is rhythmic, sweet and powerful music - a blend of Sami yoik, world blues and rock music. Music for musicians, music for music lovers, music for travellers, looking to expand their boundaries. 169.- (Other titles are Leahkastin, Ørnebror, Gula Gula og most recently Idjagiedas): All 169.-


Dechen Shak-Dagsay, with her CD Dewa Che - universal healing power of Tibetan Mantras, brings to us the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism with her enchantingly, gently beautiful voice. A powerful experience, as she takes us through 11 different mantras, and easily recommended as one of our very best guides to meditative absorption. 159.-


Tuvan (Siberian) Yat-Kha's Yenisei Punk is folk-rock at its wierdest and most enjoyable, poking fun at the old Soviet State ("the powerful USSR giving a happy life to us"), with bluesy punch. Always present is the unbelievably low over(under?)tone song of Albert Kuvezin. Including 10 minutes with the deepest sounds of his voice alone. 169.-

NASA SPACE SOUND RECORDINGS: NASA'S Voyager space probes recorded electrical signals, partly from plasma, partly from electrons, which are created when energy from the sun - the so-called solar wind - meets the magnetic fields of the planets.

Some of these recordings have been released. You can listen, to satisfy your curiosity, as did the first NASA scientists - who became aware that their recordings could be put directly into a tape machine and listened to - or you can use the sounds energetically, see how they affect your own energy system: Especially Voice of Earth I , recorded by Voyager around the Earth, has a distinct effect on the human energy system. You can also listen to the sounds from the outer planets Jupiter , Neptun , Saturn , Uranus , or order, for example, Sphere of Io (a moon of Jupiter), Miranda (a moon of Uranus), Saturn's Rings or Rings of Uranus . All on CD, still at my old price 149.- . Order all 9 CDs for only kr.1.099.-




Mari Boine's new release, Eight Seasons, refects a new direction in her music. This world music star has now signed up with Universal, a move that will hopefully lead her to a greater world-wide acknowledgement of her qualities. Her she's backed by a largely new group, edging her more into mainstream sounds, and clearer rhythms 169.-

Nitin Sawhney's latest release Prophesy, is based on a round-the world-trip, and shows up his fantastic musical talent, his ability to merge musical cultures in a vibrantly rhythmic mastery of song and harmony. Enjoy... 169-

Maryam Mursal's Danish-Somalian world music mix with powerful rhythms: best release so far this year! She is a Somali great, and her Scandinavian musicians really push it all the way. If you like Afro-Arab rhythms then check out this world music approach, and find some new favourite sounds for yourself 159.-

From another part of Africa we have Bonga, music with the Lusomanic, Lusophonic fusion of Angola, Portugal and Latin America. A live recording by one of Africa's rhythmically spiritual greats - just waiting to drive your dancing feet 159.-

A new set of inspirational pieces for Oriental Dance fans has come out with Jalilah's latest, the third in Piranha's much acclaimed Raks Sharki series - this one called Journey of the Gipsy Dancer 159.-

All Deep Forest fans, enjoy their new and real world music recording, Comparsa 159.-

Brent Lewis' Jungle Moon celebrates the Site of the Sacred Drum, and is also one of his best. The combination of West African drumming and his own musical (tuned) drums is basic rhythmic pleasure for the ears. After his historical cult record Earth Tribe Rhythms, this is our favourite, so if you don't know him yet, this could be a good place to start 149.-

James Asher: Kick off you shoes, put you feet in the soil - world music dance to make everybody happy. Feet in the Soil has been a hit from the moment it reached us earlier this year. This is real contemporary world music, where didgeridoo and drums mix with Western sounds to make jumping dance rhythms, ideal for both workshop, party and just plain enjoyment. 149.-

Australian and didgeridoo-based music: Dr.Didg is on the beat, pushing at it, right there with 2 great albums, Out of the Woods, and Serotonality is the latest. Nomad's album is more shamanistically wild, with accompaniment from Africa and Native America. All of them powerfully rhythmic. All 159.-


Hamid Baroudi (the talented man who made City*No*Mad) is here again, with great North African-TechnoTrance from a musical trip around the world, on Macumba.159.-

The great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, master of the Sufi tradition of ecstatic song, Qawwali, has left us - don't miss his last world music CD, Night Song. This is his second cross-cultural world music collaboration together with Michael Brook (remember their great first, Mustt Mustt). Or perhaps you still prefer the classical Qawwali on the classic recording, Devotional Songs? All at 159.-

Tuvan (Siberian) Yat-Kha's Yenisei Punk is overtone rock music, rock at its wierdest and most enjoyable, poking fun at the old Soviet State ("the powerful USSR giving a happy life to us"), with bluesy punch. Always present is the unbelievably low over(under?)tone song of Albert Kuvezin 169.-

Anouar Brahem's inspiring Arabic oud (sitar) is once more presented in meditative surroundings, accompanied by two jazz greats, John Surman on soprano sax and bass clarinet, and the onetime Miles Davis bassist, Dave Holland 169.-



Dechen Shak-Dagsay, with her CD Dewa Che - universal healing power of Tibetan Mantras, brings to us the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism with her enchantingly, gently beautiful voice. A powerful experience and easily recommended as one of our very best guides to meditative absorption 159.-

Koku Nishimura's Kyotaku is in a rather different way, another clearly recommended path to meditative depth. Koku Nishimura plays his personally crafted Japanese bamboo flute with an intensity, clarity, and thoughtful depth of feeling that can draw the listener to link to a seldom purity of awareness. AVAILABLE AGAIN through private import, so the price is unfortunately higher, now 179.-

Ulysses' Gaze, music from the film of the same name, is hauntingly beautiful music for the heart, mostly viola playing a simple melody you will always remember, drawing on the romantic depth of your Greek feelings 169.-

Arvo Pärt, modern classical composer from Estonia, presents once more a spiritual masterpiece in Litany. With the Hilliard Ensemble, the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, he has the best possible expression for his softly intense and uplifting musical inspiration. And his latest, De Profundis with Paul Hillier and the Theatre of Voices is again profoundly numinous song that draws forward our higher feelings 169.-

Rachmaninov's Liturgie de Saint Jean Chrysostome, one of the most intense, Russian spiritual compositions, is once more available in the incomparable 1988 recording by the Moscow Chamber Choir, directed by Vladimir Minine 169.-

Choying Drolma is a Tibetan nun who sings with a seldom depth of feeling, the intricately Eastern melodies of Buddhist ritual, on this recording, Chö. With a choir of nuns, and sensitively supported by Steve Tibbetts, the ritual is musically and emotionally meaningful to our Western ears. 159.-

David Hykes and The Harmonic Choir, who brought an appreciation of overtone song to the Western culture in the eighties, come in a new recording by Fønix. Breath of the Heart is overtone song with Middle Eastern rhythmic accompaniment, in what Hykes calls "the brotherhood of spiritual song". A deeply meditative experience, where he links the Christian and Islamic (Sufi) traditions of the Middle East 139.-

Yatri on Crystal Spirit gives us another kind of overtonal experience with her crystal glass armonica - invented by Benjamin Franklin, it was banned in several European countries 150 years ago because of its powerful effect on listeners. Penetrating sounds that help give an awareness of aura structure 169.-

Shomyo Chants. For those who have experienced the Japanese Shomyo monks, this recording of Japanese Shomyo Chants will not come as a surprise. The only recording we've heard with overtone song from Japan. The depth of intensity and power of their song, as well as its overtonal aspects, are something to remember, though only on tape 109.-

Nawang Khechog: Karuna means Compassion. Fine Tibetan meditative, world music with flute, voice, didgeridoo, percussion etc. 159.-

Terry Riley: Shri Camel is a title we've been looking for for many years. Riley was one of the original "minimalists", but doesn't play repetitively like Reich for example. At last re-issued on CD, this is his most fascinating recording to this listener. His rhythmically insistent, pulsating patterns create images in the mind, that could be sound pictures of the nervous system - of what's rushing, pushing, dancing electrically around in your head at this very moment 169.-

Ram Das
presents the Indian Rag Bhairo in an unusual fashion on Music of the Spheres, ethereal sounds for a mood of devotion and meditation. Only on MC 115.-

Zia M. Dagar plays rudra veena on Raga Yaman, slowly, meditatively, so you can follow him in every movement of his strings, out into the universal creation of sound.


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