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NASA, sounds from space - Overtones - Shamanist Song and Trance Dance - Flute

Most, but not all the music described below, in the New Age genre, is for what we call conscious listening. In other words not so much for relaxation, but more to aid meditation, to raise the level of consciousness of the listener, and for conscious energy work.

One exception to this rule are recordings of the sound of water and ocean waves (see below, under the section Sounds from Nature).

(Please note: Our post order service includes all FØNIX titles (that is, all titles distributed by Fønix), and we can therefore supply a great deal more New Age titles - also those meant for relaxation purposes - than mentioned in our own catalogue).


ANUGAMA has an exceptional abitlity to create music that works on the human energy system. Shamanic Dream, played with a gentle heart rhythm, works to relax and balance the whole system. It has also a 20 minute section that runs through, and facilitates contact with each of the chakras. Healing has a calming, expansive effect on consciousness, that can be felt, almost physically. The effect of River Bells is most clearly felt around the Solar Plexus. All MC115/CD149.-

CHRIS HINZE plays flute with authority and imagination. Beautifully gentle, but often also rhythmical and provocative. His technic is eminent, and he enjoys playing around with many styles and genres - classical European, jazz, Indian, African - never leaving them the same again. He also creates great sound environments with the keyboards that often accompany his music. Princess of the Sea has been a great discovery for Numen. Not least because of the 2 fine singers from the Khan family, the brothers Salamat and Nazakat Ali Khan, whose softly deep voices and classical Indian song, is perfectly complemented by Hinze's rhythmic and meditative backgrounds. Passage starts with 10 minutes of AUM chanting from a choir, accompanied by the flute, in a performance that simply takes one's breath away, and the recording is worth having for these minutes alone. Music for Meditation has original trance chanting by Hinze's Indian guru, accompanied by dynamic and driving rhythms by both jazz and Indian musicians (the same that play on Passage). His latest release is the intense and stimulating journey through Tibet, where for example he supplements words he has recorded the Dalai Lama saying, or the singing of monks, with dance rhythms. 159.-

creates gentle but all-embracing surroundings for meditation, sounds that really affect the energy system. Among many others, Radiance can be good for balancing the two sides of the brain, and Travelling in the Soul Planes aids in connecting to the energy-focussing point (known also as the Essence Point) above the head. 169.-

PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA, known from his book "Autobiography of a Yogi". The Divine Gypsy is a New Age version of his music, its beautiful melodies and slow rhythms touch the heart profoundly. The old recordings with the voice of Paramahansa Yogananda himself Chants and Prayers and Songs of my Heart can also be ordered. 159.-

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NASA'S Voyager space probes recorded the electrical signals, partly from plasma, partly from electrons, which are created when energy from the sun - the so-called solar wind - meets the magnetic fields of the planets. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson of Brain/Mind Research has released some of these recordings.

You can listen, to satisfy your curiosity, as did the first NASA scientists - who became aware that their recordings could be put directly into a tape machine and listened to - or you can use the sounds energetically, see how they affect your own energy system:

Especially Voice of Earth I, recorded by Voyager around the Earth, has a distinct effect on the human energy system. You can also listen to the sounds from the outer planets Jupiter, Neptun, Saturn, Uranus, or order, for example, Sphere of Io (a moon of Jupiter), Miranda (a moon of Uranus) or Rings of Uranus. Or order Dr.Jeffrey Thompson's music, created on the basis of the space recordings, on Space Sounds Music. All both MC/CD 115/149.-


Overtones are energy-wise expansive - creating an awareness of the connection of physical sound, to its spiritual roots. In the following catalogue, overtones are created in two main ways: 1) by the human voice, and ") by the use of different instruments, mostly metal bells and bowls.

Most well-known, ethnically, for their use of overtone music, are the Chinese-Mongolian shamanist traditions of Tuva and Mongolia. In Tibetan Buddhism, these traditions have been ritualised, and can be especially heard in the deep overtone chanting of the monks. There is also, as we more recently have become aware, a strong Japanese Buddhist tradition for overtone chanting (look under Tibet and Japan). Today the technique is being constantly developed by Western and New Age musicians, who bring the miracle of the creation of sound closer to us, by utilising the potentials of modern hi-fidelity recording techniques.

Not normally thought of in this connection, but nevertheless very relevant, is the fact that the Australian didgeridoo is full of impressively effective overtone sounds.

Please check our Overtone page for a more detailed examination of the overtone phenomenon, and for reviews of many recordings

There are many titles with overtone sounds in the New Age section, for example:

HARMONIC CHOIR is the most well-known group. They sing beautifully and just exactly harmonically. We can especially recommend the double CD Harmonic Meetings. 2CD 225.-

The leader of the group, David Hykes, learned the technique in the area, probably of Afghanistan, where it is used shamanistically. In Windhorse Riders he sings in the trance-inducing style, accompanied by a Persian zarb-drum, and following his lead through the long, hypnotic passages is an invitation to the listener to move into other areas of consciousness. True to the Times is more a world music experience, here he plays keyboards - in a minimalist style very reminiscent of Terry Riley - and there are oud and oriental percussion accompanying his voice. Both 159.-

In recent years, Hykes has been explicitly focussing on a theme of universal spirituality, and in the last two years he has recorded two rather similar CDs, working through almost the same Sufi motif in them - perhaps most fittingly manifested in poems sung by the choir, where old Sufi (i.e. Muslim) masters expressed praise for the work of Jesus: Earth to the Unknown Power (169.-), recorded at a concert in New York, and Breath of the Heart (159.-), from a concert in Copenhagen, are once more compelling experiences for the conscious listener in the world of sound. Overtone song with Middle Eastern rhythmic accompaniment, in what Hykes calls 'the brotherhood of spiritual song'.

MICHAEL VETTER is a German Buddhist monk. His recordings are like meditative inquiries into the overtone possibilities of the human voice. His recordings are technically excellent, the overtones are heard just as clearly as the basic or fixed notes, and he accompanies himself very suitably with the Indian drone instrument, the tamboura. Choose between the most well-known title Overtones - Voice & Tamboura, and the newer series, Overtones in Old European Cathedrals, especially the recording from Senanque. 169.-

On Ancient Voices, on the other hand, with The Overtone Choir, one can hear his stimulating experiment, both spacial and energy-wise, with the possibilities of many voices. A powerful experience for conscious listening. 169.-

KLAUS WIESE also works with overtone sound. On Tibetische Klangschalen I he creates a sound that, for many, quite easily gives a sense of one's aura system, as well as the experience of expansion, which often accompanies a conscious awareness of energy. Other titles are Tibetische Klangschalen II and III, and Trance, the latter with first a female then a male voice. A beautifully soft heart rhythm is central to el-Hadra (The Mystik Dance), inspired by the slow trance, or whirling dance of the Sufis. 159.-

DEUTER has made many New Age recordings, ambient compositional works, gentle journeys through sound, into the imagination of the conscious listener. On Nada Himalaya he moves into the world of Tibetan bowls and bells, and impressively leads the energy system of the listener into a state of healing and an expansive, elevated consciousness. 'Great bowls of fire', to misquote old Jerry Lee Lewis. 159.-

JANE WINTHER plays also on Tibetan bowls. On Soulbells and Voices she accompanies the sound of the bowls with a high and pure, Celtic voice, from which flows a deep feeling of the energy of the Heart. The clear voice, and the many overtones of the bowls thus combine to produce cleansing and gentle healing. 149.-

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GABRIELLE ROTH is known for her work and her book on shamanism. Her music is very popular, it's just right for dancing and movement. Many titles - funky sounds. Try for example the slow, trance-like rhythmic development that can move you through Totem. Or the powerful world-musical Waves. Latest is the high-spirited Tongues, with great didgeridoo sounds. 149.-

NILS-ASLAK VALKEAPÄÄ: This is music to accompany his book, and the Sami epic play, "Beaivi, Ahcazan". Dedicated to the Sun, Father of the Universe, and to the Earth, Mother of Life. He is a Sami, i.e. from Scandinavian Lapland, and a yoik singer - one of the main forces behind the revival, in recent years, of the Sami culture. Eanan, Eallima Eadni (DAT5) has a section with yoik song and background sounds of nature, and a section which includes a gentle shamanist drum sound. Beaivi, Ahcazan is similar, but the sounds and rhythms are much more powerful. Unfortunately these titles are difficult to keep in stock, but try us anyway. 169.-

For other Sami titles, go to our Lapland page. The World Music page also has two Sami singers:

ANTONIO ZEPEDA: Masterful musical imagery and shamanistic energy. He is a multi-musician from Mexico, a percussionist, an artist with a fine, impressionistic ability to create pictures in the mind of the hearer. His music is perhaps closest to the Native American shamanist tradition. But he is a modern musician, working with multi-track recording, and utilising hi-fidelity stereo to the extent that he creates a finely structured 3-dimensional world of living sound. One experiences for example, not only left and right, but also a depth perspective in his music, giving the feeling of sitting right in the middle of his picture. The instruments he uses here are all of Native American origin - many of them are ancient artifacts found in archeological diggings in Mexico. Close your eyes while you listen, and you're in the Mexican jungle, in the world of Don Juan.

Give yourself a treat, and listen to the music of Antonio Zepeda!
These are tapes with hi fi quality:

Corazon del Sol is the most rhythmic tape, and therefore the most immediately captivating. La Region del Misterio is least rhythmic, most "occult". Templo Mayor is a mixture, and is extra long. All prices: 115.-

Frank Natale also works with shamanistic energy. Trance Dance - Breath of Fire is trance music for dancing all night - added to which, one can use Frank Natale's special breathing technique, to give an extra kick to the experience. Shaman's Breath is his latest. 159.-

For other shamanist music traditions, see for example under: Australia for great sounds from the didgeridoo - U.S.A. /Native American for chanting and drumming, but especially flute sounds

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Not only in blowing it, but also symbolically, the flute is connected to air, that is, to the wind, to breath, to spirit, and to the spiritual. And the sound of the flute easily gives an experience of high energy and high feeling.

It is sometimes compared to the spine, with its chakras. The chakras being placed on the spinal column, like the holes of the flute. From that comes the image of the god playing on his flute - symbolically playing on the soul, on the feelings of the human, you and me.

The sound of the flute is good at promoting, or strengthening, experiences of the aural energy system, or parts of it.

HARI PRASAD CHAURASIA: (See also under India). The sound of his quite exceptional flute, the simple bansuri bamboo flute, filled with a special depth of feeling, soothes, comforts, relieves the soul. It brings associations forward, of the god taking care of his flock, while playing his flute, the music floating around him in the pure, mountainside air. HPC's flute can go very precisely in to the spinal chord, for example in the 15 minute number, on NOW!, that has the sound of ocean waves.

Many titles can be used meditatively, see under Classical Indian music. 159.-

JAMES GALWAY: Seashore/Melodies of Japan is gentle, Japanese melodies, written in the 19th Century, when the first Japanese composers discovered the possiblities of Western, symphonic music. Galway plays them masterfully, with a fine feeling of the heart. 169.-

MUSIC FOR ZEN MEDITATION: This is the original New Age recording! Just as much a classic, and filled with beauty, intensity and inspiring meditative depth today, as it was the day in the sixties, when it was recorded. Jazz-flautist (!) Tony Scott plays inspired music, together with Japanese koto, and shakuhachi flute. 159.-

We have lots of great flute music. For more titles see under

Armenia for the experience of Djivan Gasparyan.
Japan for the intensity of the shakuhachi flute.

Jewish for the clarinet of Giora Feidman, and Jewish feelings in every way.
U.S.A. for Native American flute.

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