There many kinds available, but only a few types of sound that we use regularly:

WATER: The sound of water is the one we have most of in our catalogue. Humans are earth and air beings - water is a foreign element to us, that we can't be (immersed) in for too long at a time. So water represents the alien to us - the unknown - or psychologically understood, the unconscious. And to be in water has to do with a lowering of our level of consciousness, an opening to the unconscious. Which water, then, is actually a relatively unambiguous symbol for, for example in dreams. So the sound of water can, for example, be very suitable as an accompaniment to the gentler forms of massage, since it doesn't add any any specific feeling quality to our consciousness - as almost all music does. (Though, of course, one might wish to work with specific feelings, in massage situations.) The sound of water has, naturally, also energy-wise, a "cleansing" effect.

Good titles are:

Environments - Slow Ocean 115/139.-
- Bhote Kosi: Experience a novel, cleansing and strengthening journey, first down this great Himalayan river - and then up again into the mountains. 115/139.-
The Watersounds series also has a fine Ocean Waves recording, one of the best ways of relaxing with sound - and a Woodland Stream recording, for relaxing in the countryside. Both 115/139.-

Silent Flow - spiral streams of water through a spiral sculpture. MC 100.-
Earth Sounds
- Ebb and Flow (The Sea), also good for using with headphones. MC 115.-

Among other Nature sounds we recommend:
Environments - Heartbeat 115.-
Sounds of the Sea: Dolphins. 115/149.-
Sounds of the Sea: Whales. 115/149.-

NASA'S Voyager space probes recorded electrical signals, partly from plasma, partly from electrons, which are created when energy from the sun - the so-called solar wind - meets the magnetic fields of the planets.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson of Brain/Mind Research has been able to release some of these recordings.

You can listen, to satisfy your curiosity, as did the first NASA scientists - who became aware that their recordings could be put directly into a tape machine and listened to - or you can use the sounds energetically, see how they affect your own energy system:


Especially Voice of Earth I, recorded by Voyager around the Earth, has a distinct effect on the human energy system. You can also listen to the sounds from the outer planets Jupiter, Neptun, Saturn, Uranus, or order, for example, Sphere of Io (a moon of Jupiter), Miranda (a moon of Uranus) or Rings of Uranus.

Or order Dr.Jeffrey Thompson's music, created on the basis of the space recordings, on Space Sounds Music.

All on both cassette and CD: MC/CD 115/149.-

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