NASA'S Voyager space probes recorded electrical signals, partly from plasma, partly from electrons, which are created when energy from the sun - the so-called solar wind - meets the magnetic fields of the planets.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and the Center for Neuroacoustic Research have been able to release some of these recordings.

You can listen, to satisfy your curiosity, as did the first NASA scientists - who became aware that their recordings could be put directly into a tape machine and listened to - or you can use the sounds energetically, see how they affect your own energy system:

Especially Voice of Earth I, recorded by Voyager around the Earth, has a distinct effect on the human energy system. You can also listen to the sounds from the outer planets Jupiter, Neptun, Saturn, Uranus, or order, for example, Sphere of Io (a moon of Jupiter), Miranda (a moon of Uranus), Saturn's Rings or Rings of Uranus.

Or order Dr.Jeffrey Thompson's music, created on the basis of the space recordings, on Space Sounds Music.

Fantastic sounds, but unfortunately they've become more expensive to import and the price is now kr.185.-

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