CELINA GONZALEZ, from Cuba, has a voice that can bring memories of the rawness and intensity of feeling in flamenco music. The music is a real afro-Cuban mix, that is a mixture of influences from African folk and Spanish city. Several titles. 149-159.-

Masterful musical imagery and shamanistic energy. Antonio Zepeda is a multi-musician from Mexico, a percussionist, an artist with a fine, impressionistic ability to create pictures in the mind of the hearer. He creates images with sound - perhaps closest to the Native American shamanist tradition. But he is a modern musician, working with multi-track recording, and utilising hi-fidelity stereo to the extent that he creates a finely structured 3-dimensional world of living sound. One experiences for example, not only left and right, but also a depth perspective in his music, giving the feeling of sitting right in the middle of his picture. The instruments he uses here are all of Native American origin - many of them are ancient artifacts found in archeological diggings in Mexico. Close your eyes while you listen, and you're in the Mexican jungle, in the world of Don Juan.

Give yourself a treat, on our recommendation, and listen to the music of Antonio Zepeda!
These are tapes with hi fi quality:

Corazon del Sol is the most rhythmic tape, and therefore the most immediately captivating.

La Region del Misterio is least rhythmic, most "occult".

Templo Mayor is a mixture, and is extra long.

All prices: 115.-

CUMBIA CUMBIA: Cumbia is the name of the dance music that's most traditionally popular in Colombia, and this title has an abundance of hit list numbers from different groups. It's a hit for anyone who appreciates Latin dance music. 159.-

: Played by master clarinetist Giora Feidman (see above under Jewish). Here it's his Argentinian roots, showing up. 169.

: Many titles. On Solo he plays both guitar and piano, rounded, softly thoughtful sounds, creatively melodical, musically alive and a pleasure to listen to. 179.-

: Also from Cuba, this is rhythmic cult music, with it's roots in Africa. Powerful drums and song. 169.-

: We have many titles with popular Brazilian urban ethnic music - that is, the black mixture of Christian and African culture. The music is dominated by drumming and percussion, and with a lot of singing. It's primitive, but real. Mavambo Trio is one of the best - only drums. All only on cassette! 89.-

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